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Kia Ora, Welcome.

We provide quality, natural, open ended, homely, real- world, loose parts play & heuristic play resources, for all age groups.

Re-Sourced began as I saw in a rise in use of natural, real world & homely resources. I couldn’t believe what it would cost for centres to provide the environments they desired for their children. I saw teachers taking precious time off the floor to go hunt for resources just to come back with very little or even inappropriate items, I often heard “that’s all I could find”. It was so disappointing! I combined my love of shopping with my knowledge of teaching with a passion for creating environments that foster imagination & curiosity. I live by reduce, re-use & recycle philosophy so it made sense to me to re-purpose items that are often destined to end up in landfill. So Re-Sourced began.

We aim to provide an efficient way for busy parents and educators to be able to access items, without spending hours, going from shop to shop with children in tow!

We believe that open ended / loose parts / heuristic play invites children into play provocations where they can engage in their natural desire for sustained imaginative exploration using the five senses. In keeping with current childhood theorists and research, including: Elinor Goldschmied, Emmi Pikkler, Jean Piaget, Maria Montessori, Rudolph Steiner, Simon Nicholson, Magda Gerber and so many more.

Our resources have been recycled, re-purposed or rescued (Re-Sourced).

We consider that in a world over using plastic that children’s toys are a contributing factor. For true sustainability, we select real-life objects made from, wood, shell, stone, brass & stainless steel etc. Not only are our resources made from more eco-friendly sources, but they are also being saved from landfill by re-purposing items that are no longer popular in homes. Children benefit from exploring many materials and real-world items and the planet benefits from less plastic waste.

Every piece is unique and one off.

We carefully select with consideration for safety and quality.

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